This T-Shirt Rag Rug Was Made With A Hula Hoop And Yarn! (And Old T-Shirts, Of Course!)

Cozy crafts like this one are perfect for rainy afternoons! Unable to do things outdoors, having a project to work on can help pass the time and usually end up looking pretty great! For this rug, she used 7 x-large t-shirts, a hula hoop (or cardboard, if you don’t have one) and yarn to hold everything together!
10-25a2If you don’t have a hula hoop, you can draw a large circle on spare cardboard and attach yarn at evenly spaced intervals that connect in the center, like the spokes of a wooden wheel.10-25a3Next, cut open each t-shirt and cut along the lines in the diagram below to create continuous t-shirt yarn.Towards the middle, she started the spiral pattern with yarn and continued it with the t-shirt yarn, connecting the colors as she went along according to her design pattern. She covered the yarn spiral with a large pom pom at the end.10-25a4After weaving everything together, she had a beautiful cusom rug that was fun and easy! Old t-shirts or new, this type of rug really adds a lot of character to a home or entryway, welcoming guests and making them feel at home all at once!10-25a5Any color or combination of colors that you choose will look great with this easy method of making rugs! Need an extra spot to wipe your feet after coming through the back door? Need something to hang on the dining room wall? Do you love projects like this one? You can find more details and helpful tips here.


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