This Sweet Couple Just Celebrated Their 96th Year Of Marriage!! Their Story Could Be A Movie!

Marriage is hard and takes a lot of work and dedication. Sticking by one person through the good times and the bad times is impressive enough, but to do so for nearly a century is almost unheard of. This couple had an uncommon beginning (to us Americans, at least) and is inspiring to hear about. This love story is something to strive for.

Wei Basao was born into poverty. She lost her parents when she was still a child, and as was the custom in her village, she and her siblings were split up and given to other families to be raised and eventually marry into. Wei got caught up in an old tradition and was married to the adoptive family’s son, Wei Qishou, at 6 years old, while he had just turned 5 himself.

She barely remembers the wedding, but knows that it was in the evening and that the family shared a meal with the elders, and after that, they were married.

He worked very hard through their entire marriage as a farmer, and she learned the art of shoe making to support their little family. Together, they had 5 sons and 1 daughter and have loved seeing their little family grow! 7.13a6As they now celebrate their 103rd and 102nd birthdays, they realize that their lives together have been wonderful. They worked hard and now spend as much time as possible together. They enjoy taking long walks along the roads in the countryside, and they will even do household chores together.7.13a7They are constantly visited by their children and grand children. Although they have always been poor, they have never gone hungry, and they have never been short on love from their family and friends.

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