This “Sweater” Costs $2,000 And Its Already SOLD OUT…Wait Until You See The FRONT!

Usually, you buy a sweater for sensible reasons…you know, like keeping your body warm. Maybe you might pay a little more for a nicer sweater if you plan on wearing it to a holiday event, but would you shell out $2,000 in order to do so? If the sweater was made of spun gold and had diamonds on it, it might sound like a decent “splurge” for a special event…but this sweater doesn’t have spun gold or any sort of embellishment. In fact, it lacks quite a bit for costing the equivalent of someone’s monthly rent.

This design by Kalvin Klein is confusing. And strange. And for some reason, enough people bought the sweater for it to completely sell out. Even if you wanted to buy this sweater, you can’t because people actually liked it. There’s nothing to this garment aside from sleeves and a beige torso.

Again, we ask why? Why is this a thing.

People should be free to express themselves. If that means walking around in half a sweater, well…sure.  It might look a little silly and seem impractical, but fashion is as fashion does. If you happened to buy this sweater, we hope it makes all of your dreams come true. Also, are you planning to wear another sweater over this sweater? Maybe a vest? We’re actually really curious.

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