This Summer, The Girls Aren’t The Only Ones Posing For Pictures! Americana “Dudeoir” Is BACK!

We’ve seen a ton of trends come and go in the past year. Glittery hair, flower beards, and crop tops, there seems to be no real reason to what gets popular and why. So when a few guys decided to post “dudeoir” photos – a play on boudoir photos – no one was sure if it would stick. Well, surprise, it very much did, and now we have these beautiful, hilarious, incredible pictures that have gone extremely viral.

The lovely gentleman you see posed on an old pickup truck is Joshua Varozza, honoring Flag Day with his own unique flair. Tami Bears did the shoot, not really expecting it to get as popular as it did. She posted the photographs with the caption: “Because the ladies can’t have ALL the fun in the land of the free.”6.22a35

They went viral immediately.6.22a36She shared the pictures because she thought they were whimsical and funny – they would get a chuckle or two out of her followers, at the very least. But the pictures spread faster than she could keep track of them, and surprised everyone involved! 6.22a37Tami is a wedding photographer and decided that she wanted to try something a little different. She got Joshua, her friend who owns a bail bonds business, to agree to pose and put her own spin and style on the classic concept of a “boudoir” shoot. This tough guy puts an edge to these photos that many people just can’t bring to the table! Too funny!

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