This Stunning Piece Of Home Decor Is TOO Easy! Everyone Needs This For Their Front Door!

There’s just something about a welcoming wreath hanging on the front door that says “home,” but if you’ve ever searched for one in the store, you were probably shocked at the price tag. An everyday wreath can be expensive, and a specialized holiday wreath can easily cost you double! (Some run over of $200!) Many crafty home owners have started creating and sharing new ways to save money and keep a fun wreath on their door. One woman decided that she could replicate an expensive wreath that she spotted at the store, and crafters everywhere agreed that she had created something amazing!

Here are the tools and supplies that she used: an entire can of spray paint (whatever color you want!), a hot glue gun (and a lot of glue), 200 straws, and a cardboard ring that she cut out herself.
8.12a1Trace a plate to get a more precise circle. Some crafters have purchased a circular mirror to be the center of their project, but it depends on what look you’re going for.

Glue each straw straight out and leave a small amount of space between each one to ensure a “sunburst” pattern. The colors don’t matter because you’ll be spray painting them after.8.12a2As you layer your straws, begin cutting them to different lengths. It doesn’t matter how you layer them, it only matters that they are all sticking straight out and following the direction of the circle.8.12a6 Choose a color and spray the straws from every direction. Spray from the front and the back, and you may need to spray a little bit into the straws if you can still see their original color at certain angles.
8.12a5For a couple of bucks, you can have this incredible piece of artwork in your home! Will you be trying this out? See full instructions here!

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