This Stray Cat Has Hung Around Their Department For Years. They Built A House For It!

Since 2013, the members of the Boston Police Department have been feeding and caring for a stray calico cat. They grew fond of her and gave her the nickname of “SWAT Cat,” and it stuck! She visited nearly everyday, so when she suddenly stopped coming by to say hello, they noticed.

For several months, she was nowhere to be found…and someone thought that it may be because she didn’t have a place to hang out while she was visiting. It was just too cold.

Officer Jamie Pietroski, a 15-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, stayed late after work for several nights painstakingly preparing SWAT Cat’s new home,” the department wrote.

The little kitty condo boasts a spacious studio interior complete with a large deck and glass windows to see outside!

SWAT Cat quickly returned to the department as if she somehow knew that the kitty condo had been made just for her! She now has a home away from home when she visits her favorite police department, and the officers were able to keep their unofficial mascot!

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