This Strange Looking Puppy Was All Alone At The End Of Adoption Day. The Reason Is Tragic!

In Milpitas, California, a rather peculiar visitor showed up at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Her name was Lisa and she had a very strange appearance. Her condition was nicknamed “cherry eye” due to the puffed out nature of her swollen eyelids, but on top of that had suffered from chemical burns that marred her cute little face. She was most likely abused before she found herself at the Humane Society.


When a dog has a facial disfigurement, they are usually passed over by families and individuals looking to adopt a new member into their family. Lisa was still a puppy, but towards the end of her first adoption event, it was clear that while people were sympathetic to her cause, they couldn’t stand to look at her face for very long.

At the end of the day, Lisa was all alone. Every other puppy had found their forever home, but she had been left behind.


That was until one family saw beyond her disfigured muzzle and her puffy eyes. They saw what a happy puppy she was despite her physical flaws. They saw the love in her eyes as she went to each member of the family and licked their hands and snuggled up to them as often as possible.

They looked a few more dogs up for adoption, but none of them even came close to the amount of love that little Lisa had exhibited in those few short minutes.


Two weeks after their first meeting, Lisa was adopted and re-named “Lucky” to remind the family that they were lucky to have found her! Lucky is happy and healthy with her new forever home, and her story is just so touching!

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