This Strange Creature Was Roaming Alone…But When They Remove The Pipe?!

‘Helping out’ is a basic human instinct, and some may feel it more strongly than others. It can be a challenging urge to squash when you see an animal in need but don’t have the proper training to help out. You can call animal control or your local shelter, but until they arrive on the scene, all you can do is stand by and watch the animal struggle…7.21a7

That is exactly what happened in this situation. A strange animal was seen wandering, trapped with its head in a tube. No one could agree on what it was, and knew that they might end up hurting it further if they tried to help. People had seen the animal for a few days, but it wasn’t until California Wildlife Center was notified that anyone realized it was a coyote!

It took 3 and a half days before they were able to track her down and help. The tube on her head limited her hearing and vision, but when they were able to catch her, she was in agony. The tube had worn away her fur and skin, and local veterinarians agreed that the tube had probably been on her neck for close to a week.7.21a8

With antibiotics, salves, and constant attention, she was finally able to be released into the wild. The neighborhood, which would normally be upset that the rescue helped a coyote, was excited for the animal to be released. They had seen the pain and suffering first hand, and not one person thought that the coyote should have been left to die.

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