This Story Proves That Those Amber Alerts On Your Phone Are REALLY Important

3-year-old Ava Byrne was allegedly taken from her home by her father, Robert Byrne. The police issued an Amber Alert for both Robert and his daughter and believed the child to be in “imminent danger.” Ava’s grandmother was quoted in an interview saying that “he just hears voices, he listens to what the voices tell him to do.”The alert was issued in the girl’s home state of Pennsylvania, but it was quickly expanded to New York, where good Samaritans identified the vehicle in record time – just five minutes later.

The pictures of Ava and Robert, along with the make, model, and license plate number of his car were broadcast along highways and as alerts on smartphones. That’s when his vehicle was identified in Manhattan, and the quick-thinking Samaritan flagged down a brave traffic officer, who told Robert to stay in his car.

Police rescued Ava and brought her to the hospital. Doctors confirmed that the girl was unharmed, and officers kept her company while they waited for her mother, Morgan Barela, and grandmother to make the long drive to New York.

Robert was placed in police custody to undergo legal proceedings and has not revealed why he took his daughter in the middle of the night, but Morgan is just grateful to have her daughter back.

The next time you see an Amber Alert, keep your eyes open. You never know whose child you may save.

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