This Step-Mom Tried To Steal The Spotlight Away From The BRIDE…The Bride’s Mom Put Her In Her Place Without Saying A WORD!

Let’s face it: weddings are stressful! They are especially stressful if there are hard feelings between family members. Trying to keep the peace between family members who don’t understand that this special day is about the bride and the groom can be a handful, and it really takes its toll on the bride-to-be!

This bride discovered a terrible problem that she couldn’t fix…an argument between her mother and her step-mother! She tried to get them to agree and get along, but new new step-mother wasn’t going to let go of her petty anger without a fight! So, the bride turned to the one person she could count on to save the day…and BOY did she SAVE the day!


WOW! This is one clever mom! Without starting a fight, causing a scene, or saying a single word, she put that nasty woman in her place! I still can’t get over how smart this was! The best way for this mom to handle the situation was to remember that the bride should come first on her wedding day – something that her step-mom just couldn’t seem to understand – and in the process, she saved the day!

I hope that I can also be this wise one day. I hate to argue and fight, so winning an argument without saying a word would be a wonderful skill to have! What did YOU think of this mom’s approach to the conflict?! I think it was perfect!

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