This State Declared That Leaving A Dog Outside During Freezing Weather Is A FELONY!

It’s shocking to discover that some people leave their pets outdoors during freezing weather to fend for themselves, but lawmakers in Pennsylvania have stepped in to protect dogs from neglectful owners.

Pennsylvania House Bill 1238 aims to protect pets from suffering unnecessary bodily harm or death from being left outside in extreme temperatures, and the fines and penalties are harsh enough to ensure it. Up to 7 years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines could be issued if someone is found guilty.

People had a lot to say about this bill. Many thought that it was about time the law stepped in, but others think that it’s too harsh. People from nearby states have been trying to round up support for similar laws in their own communities as they are heartbroken whenever they spot a dog tethered in extreme hot or cold weather. 

A dog should always have a place to escape from frigid temperatures or scorching heat, one comment said, and forcing them to endure the wind and rain during the winter is beyond cruel.

Others want to know how they are expected to follow this law if the temperature suddenly drops while they are at work and can’t get home to put their dog inside.

Would you want laws like this in your city? Why or why not?

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