This Start-Up On Social Media Is Reuniting Families After They’ve Been Separated For Decades

It’s a simple concept: reunite the homeless with their long-lost relatives through the power of social media, and volunteers are taking it very seriously.

The founder of Miracle Messages, a man named Kevin Adler, was all too familiar with the struggle of knowing a family member was out there, somewhere, but was essentially unreachable. His late uncle lived on the streets for 30 years before passing away, and Adler was determined not to let it happen to anyone else.

He purchased hot coffee and pastries and took to the streets, asking the homeless people he encountered if they had anything to say to their family members. Maybe of the people surprised him with the things they wanted to say. While some of the homeless he encountered admitted that they never wanted to see their family again, others had different stories. They had lost contact information, they were embarrassed, and most simply didn’t have access or understand the powerful tool that technology has become. By recording short messages to their family members, Miracle Messages allows people to share a homeless person’s story and their desire to reconnect.

Many families have been reunited thanks to the service and dedication of volunteers. Family members had no idea how to find their homeless family members, but as the service expands, they hope to impact at least 1% of the entire country’s homeless population within the next four years!

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