This Spider Has Hit The JACKPOT! He Found The PERFECT Place To Make His Web!

This nightmare was uploaded by a grateful resident in a Chicago high rise. He lives on the 51st floor, to be exact. He posted the picture with the caption: “Spiderbro guarding me from malaria outside my window.” Many other users had an array of clever comments, too.

That’s some darn good spiderin’ right there.”


Spiders help to control the local insect populations, but most of us are too weirded out by their crazy legs, bitey fangs, and general quickness to actually care about how many mosquitoes they eat per day. If we see spiders, the majority of us instantly get the broom or vacuum them up out of irrational fear.

“Is that spider going to launch at me from 15 feet away and bite into my skin?!” No, probably not, but that doesn’t stop us from destroying their annoying webs and tossing their mangled carcasses into the toilet – with an extra flush for good measure.

But it turns out that those millions of little bugs are probably not mosquitoes, and are more likely “lake flies” due to the early season and the fact that his apartment is so high up. They don’t bite, but can be extremely annoying!

If this isn’t a reason to keep spiders around, I don’t know what is…but to be fair, the next time I see a spider in my house, I’m going to have to remove him. No matter how many mosquitoes he destroys for me.

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