This Special Room At An Animal Shelter Prepares Stray Dogs For A Life With People

From the moment a stray is picked up off of the street, it doesn’t know what is happening. The people who had yelled to back away and only occasionally gave out scraps of food were suddenly showing affection, and “home” became a metal cage in a room filled with other strays.

One shelter is determined to change that. While they couldn’t afford a room for each and every dog living at their shelter, they could help get these dogs used to what it would be like once they had been adopted. “The Real Life Room” at the Toledo Area Humane Society was looking for a way to not only help the dogs become adopted, but to show more people that stray dogs aren’t as scary as they might seem. 10-5a1The staff decided to convert a spare office into a living room. They added a large chair (with a pillow to discourage jumping onto furniture), a television, a large rug, and a doggy bed, along with various decorations. Once the dogs had gotten used to the quiet new surroundings, they posted pictures of the adorable pooches lounging happily.

Once pictures of the dogs began to be shared, more people were willing to adopt after seeing how well the dogs seemed to “fit in” to daily life. You can already imagine spending the afternoon alongside this pup, and many people agree. This shelter thinks more dogs would be adopted if other shelters tried this same method. After all, it has worked for them!


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