This Snapshot Shows Everyone What It Means To Be A Policeman

The Arkansas State Police department had gone out to assist with security during the Annual Owl Festival in McGehee, Arkansas when this picture was snapped of an officer being led by a little girl.

Corporal Mitch Grant was making his rounds about the festival, keeping his eyes open to prevent trouble and intervene when needed. During his patrol, he was approached by a little girl.

Four-year-old Charlie Kate walked right up to the officer and asked him an unexpected question: “why are you a policeman?” 10-25a17He was caught off guard, but began explaining that each and every day, little boys and little girls just like her might need protection. They might need help, and he wanted to be there to help them.

While he was talking, little Charlie Kate took his hand and listened, leading him around the festival. He walked her to his patrol car (mom and dad were following close behind!) and gave her a Jr. Trooper sticker to put on her shirt while she asked all about his job and what he does each day.

This wasn’t the only picture taken at the festival, it turns out. Many other citizens stopped the pair to take a picture as well, finding the image too adorable to pass up. Who knows, maybe little Charlie Kate will grow up to be a police officer, too!


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