This Single Dad Went To Beauty School To Learn How To Style His Daughter’s Hair

Greg Wickherst discovered that one of the most challenging things about being a single father was styling his little girl’s hair in the mornings. As a dad who rocked a shaved head everyday, he didn’t even know how to create a ponytail. This meant that when his daughter’s hair grew too long, he would crop her bangs and cut her hair shorter. As she grew older, he realized that he only had two choices: keep her hair short or learn how to style hair.10-4a12

He couldn’t see his little Izzy with short-cropped hair forever and decided to enroll in the cosmetology department at IntelliTech College, where he worked in admissions.

He began by learning how to style a ponytail, a bun, and even a simple braid on a mannequin (much to the delight of the female students). After a few hours, he decided to try a little ponytail on Izzy.10-4a13

Although he started off with the basics, it wasn’t long until he was having fun helping Izzy create more unique looks! The story spread so far that other fathers sought him out for help with their own daughters’ hair styling. So many fathers were coming to him for help, the college launched “Daddy Daughter Hair Do Day” to help local dads learn the basics and is held once every six weeks.10-4a14

He even started a Facebook page called Greg Wickherst’s Dad Guide To Surviving Hair. He has inspired not only single dads, but parents everywhere to get more creative and learn what their children want or need.

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