This Simple “Leaf Wreath” Is So Easy, You Don’t Even Need GLUE!

While other wreaths require thrifted or seasonal purchased items, this project uses the leaves that are falling off of the trees outside. Yes, that’s right, actual leaves. From the ground. Go ahead and gather a bunch, grab a piece of cardboard, and watch the magic happen!9-23a8

First, she cut out a donut shape out of cardboard in the shape that she wanted her wreath to be. Next she grabbed a stapler and began to staple the leaves to the piece of cardboard. It sounds crazy, but it works!9-23a9

After only a few minutes, you have a fully decorated holiday wreath to hang from your front door! She displayed an ornamental spider “hanging” from her wreath, but this is optional, of course.9-23a10

If you do happen to have a few festive baubles lying around, you could break out the hot glue gun and cover up any visible staples, but that is completely optional as well.

Add as many leaves as you want to this wreath! Pile them on and fold them closer. Overlap them or scrunch them together. After a few weeks, the leaves will begin to dry out and harden into shape which means that you can save your wreath for the next year! As long as the leaves stay relatively dry, they shouldn’t mold or mildew before drying out.

This project is so perfect! Will you be trying it this year? See more details on this easy DIY here!


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