This Sign Had Local Neighborhood Proud. Others Called It “The Most Nova Scotia Thing Ever.”

Apparently, this sort of thing is curiously common in Nova Scotia, but it went viral on Twitter and people are just wishing that their hometowns were this cool. One week, while on his way to his cottage in Nova Scotia, Andrew Killawee spotted this sign:


It seemed a bit hostile, but it made him laugh out loud. Was it a feud between passive-aggressive neighbors? Was it a homeowner frustrated with thieves? Was it the kids just joking around? He wasn’t sure, but he took a picture and posted it online. What made this incident so viral, however, was what happened the next week…

The neighbor’s snarky, admonishing, and/or pleading sign (no one can decide) had worked after all. They could have just left it there, removing the sign when their beloved wheelbarrow had been returned…instead, they posted a “thank you sign.”


Was it a joke? Was this just how neighbors communicated in this town? The world may never know, but the internet was in love with this wheelbarrow-love-story and has shared it thousands of times. Too cute.

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