He Claims That This Shirt Saved His Son’s Life. Grieving Parents Share His Story And Have This To Say:

John Curtain attributes his son’s surviving a direct hit to the chest to this shirt, and he posted it from an urgent care clinic. His son, Ryan, plays baseball as a pitcher, and sometimes, those pitches are hit back in full force. He bought this shirt for his son to try and prevent him from suffering an event known as commotio cordis, in which the speed of an object, the exact position of the impact, combined with the timing of the heart’s beat can lead to fatal results. Curtain believes that this shirt saved his son’s life.Many parents shared his image, grieving over the fact that when their own children passed away from events like these, the shirts either hadn’t been invented or similar items weren’t available.

Some┬áparents stated that even with the shirts, they wouldn’t actually protect from commotio cordis and haven’t been proven to help scientifically. Others quickly shot them down, pointing out that a helmet might not stop a concussion, but you still wear it regardless.

This dad’s goal was to spread the word about a rare event that more parents should know about.

For $30 to $50, it’s a no brainer.” He wrote.

The photo has been shared thousands of times, and dad says that even if it helps one child, it all will have been worth it.

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