This Shih Tzu Probably Has A Nicer Car Than You Do…It’s A Good Thing He’s So CUTE Driving It!

Luigi is probably the world’s luckiest pooch! He may seem like a typical Shih Tzu in this picture, but just until you see what he gets to “drive” around when he’s done walking… His favorite way to travel? Driving the streets of New York in his very own BMW!Luigi was first spotted around town by random bystanders. They took pictures of the pup riding around in his remote controlled car and shared them on social media. “Have you guys seen this dog?!” Thousands of jealous people agreed that this was the cutest thing ever.After a tiring walk, Luigi can sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice cruise in his beamer while dozens of amused humans take his photograph. He doesn’t look amused, but I’m sure he is, deep down in his little Shih Tzu heart.The car was a gift from his human for his 5th birthday. He even took a trip to the Metropolitan Mueum of Art in his fancy ride! He’s never short on style, this furry pooch!Onlookers are enthralled with the sight whenever they go out in public. Luigi doesn’t always stay in the moving vehicle, and he loves to stop and get head rubs from his adoring fans! While I’m sure this little kid was more excited about the pint-sized car, he didn’t hesitate to pet Luigi’s fur and admire his wheels!Do you think this is overkill, or a fun way to dote on a favorite furry friend? As long as he gets his daily exercise, I don’t see too much wrong with it! It’s pretty hilarious.

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