This Shelter Is Working With KFC To Feed Homeless People Every Day

The Ace of Clubs shelter in London is doing something incredible for the community, and their local KFC is allowing them to do it. Every day, the shelter needs to find enough food to feed anywhere from 80 to 100 people. Coming up with that amount of food to make meals and keep people from going hungry is a lot of work. Thankfully, they have people like David, Ace of Clubs’ center manager who will go above and beyond to do what he can to help.

The manager at KFC, Michelle, explains that in the restaurant, chicken that has been cooked but remains unsold for 90 minutes is no longer the “gold standard” that they strive to serve to each customer. After 90 minutes, however, the chicken is still perfectly edible, and Michelle just can’t see the benefit of tossing it into the garbage.

She freezes all of the leftover chicken and saves it for Ace of Clubs. David drives to pick up the food twice a week, and the recipients of the food are grateful. Being able to pick up this large donation twice a week allows the shelter to save a lot of money on food. They are able to spend the saved funds on other necessities that the shelter needs daily.10-5a5

When communities work together, so much good can be done. No one person should ever be without food or a place to sleep, no matter their situation in life. The relationship between the Ace of Clubs shelter and their local KFC demonstrates that working together can work, and should inspire other businesses to do the same.


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