This Shelter Cat Was Passed Over Again And Again…Until He Started Doing Something CRAZY!

Sigmund was just 3 years old when he was brought to the shelter. Even though he had gorgeous blue eyes and a fluffy white coat, no one seemed interested in the playful cat. One family tried to adopt him, but they returned him soon after and claimed that he played “too rough.” He had an abundance of energy, but volunteers knew that there was a perfect fit out there for him somewhere.

He saw many people pass his cage day after day…and at some point, he must have began to lose hope…because he started to take drastic measure in order to get some attention!When he first started obsessively licking his window, volunteers took pictures because his behavior was just so bizarre. Any time he saw someone approaching, he would begin to lick his window as if to say “hello!” He was very affectionate. Volunteers began to tell visitors that he loved to “give kisses!”

They even took pictures of him and posted them above his cage, hoping that someone might take an interest in the rambunctious cat. And one day, Sigmund found his match. A man saw the story of the “licking cat” and knew that an excited kitty was just what he needed in his life. Sigmund loved to explore and leap and play, and rarely ever sat still for very long. After adopting him, the family reported that each morning, like clockwork, the bench in their kitchen would topple over as Sigmund explored everything in the kitchen.

It’s never a dull moment for the cat that liked to lick, and now, he’s found the perfect home!

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