This Service Dog Spotted Stressed Out Strangers In The Airport And Made Herself Comfortable

Cora probably thought that the world had given up on her. Trapped in a life she didn’t deserve, her former humans didn’t care about her happiness or well-being. Then just months before her 8th birthday, she was rescued from the backyard breeder that had been keeping her trapped. She was given to a foster home until she could be adopted…but her foster family saw her inner strength and knew that Cora could bring a lot of happiness to the world.

She was trained as a therapy dog and hasn’t looked back.

Now, Cora can’t help but comfort people that she meets during her everyday outings! Even, as it turns out, at the airport.

This man had been grieving silently, and while he just looked like a regular man out on business, Cora could tell that he needed a little extra support. She posed patiently for a photograph before sitting down next to him and accepting some generous neck scratches. The man then explained that his own dog had been lost just the day before and having a friendly canine face to greet was just what he needed to get through the day.

And that wasn’t all!

Throughout her trip, Cora helped to quiet a screaming toddler, a nervous passenger, and made countless strangers smile!She hadn’t been loved for nearly a decade…but now, she finds cuddles everywhere she turns!

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