This Server At A Texas Roadhouse Helped An Elderly Woman, And It Went Viral!

In Greenwood, Indiana, a kind server works at a Texas Roadhouse. The restaurant is known for its larger-than-life menu and floor covered in broken peanut shells…but that’s not why this story is on the map! A woman was dining at the restaurant one afternoon when another customer snapped a surprising photo and shared it on Facebook.

An elderly woman was dining out and had decided to order a steak. Her meal arrived, but she found herself struggling to cut it into bite-sized pieces. Her hands were shaking too much to properly hold the utensils, which was probably very frustrating.

That’s when her server, busy with other tables, noticed that she hadn’t touched her food but was still trying to use the utensils. He stopped what he was doing and insisted on helping the woman to cut her steak.5.16a12

Amanda Bischoff, the woman who snapped the picture, was impressed that he would drop everything to help the customer. She took out her phone and caught the moment on camera…but the picture isn’t really the reason this story went viral – it’s the story behind it.

The man who didn’t mind helping the woman? His name is Tyler Guinther, and he is a Marine Corps infantryman veteran. Even when he isn’t doing his duty, he is helping the people around him. Working as a server can be a tough and demanding job, but he didn’t let the frustrations of the job get in the way of helping a woman who was dealing with her own frustrations.

The sweet story gives people hope that there are still good people out there who are willing to help!

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