This Senior’s ID Photo Is Going Viral Because It Is Every Student’s Dream.

Tyra Hunt is celebrating her senior year of high school with a hilarious stunt that is spreading across the internet faster than she ever imagined possible. Her school requires each student to pose for a picture to place on their student ID…but they aren’t very strict about how the students need to look. With the school being lenient on their choices of clothing and hairstyle, Tyra decided to do something hilarious.

She dug through her old pictures until she found her elementary school photo. She remembers it vaguely, but she didn’t want to smile. Her mother had to stand behind the photographer and tried to make her smile…and the result? This masterpiece:8.25a7

So, Tyra got to work! She went shopping and found a lime green sweatshirt that was a similar color to the hoodie she had worn decades before. She had to purchase iron-on letters, but it was worth it for the end result. She wore her hair in the same style and tried her best to mimic the miserable expression.

We think she nailed it!8.25a8

She posted the picture on Twitter for her friends to have a laugh at, but never expected that nearly 100,000 people would discover it! Her viral success has led to other students pulling the same stunt at their schools. What better way is there to celebrate the last year of school with a throwback to the very beginning? Parents are in love with the nostalgia, and we’re hoping that this becomes a tradition for future seniors everywhere!


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