This Security Guard Couldn’t “Technically” Let This Little Girl Back In To Use The Restroom…How He Gets Around The Order Is HILARIOUS!

“Mom, I have to go potty!” You know that sound. It’s the “I’m telling you that I have to go, but what I REALLY mean is that if you don’t find a bathroom in the next 30 seconds, we’re going to have an accident on our hands!” Until the kids are fully potty trained, going out into public is always a gamble. I drove around with several spare outfits in my car for a good 3 years before I felt safe enough to only keep 1 spare set of clothes. And even then, I still made sure there was always a towel and baby wipes somewhere in the trunk!

When this mom heard that familiar cry, she rushed back to the venue they had just left, only to hear some frustrating news…


This guy might not realized how very close these two came to dealing with an accident! His quick thinking makes me think that he just might have a kid at home and understood what was going on! If not, he will one day realize how HUGE this favor was, and I hope that there is someone around to help him out when he needs it! This story was too funny!


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