This Secret “X-Plan” Let’s Parents Know When Their Child Is In Trouble

As a youth minister with three children of his own, Bert Fulks is very familiar with the social awkwardness that comes with growing up…but he has a pact with his children called the “X-Plan” that not only builds trust between him and his children, but gives them a way to avoid sticky situations. He had an important question that everyone can relate to:

How many of you have found yourself in situations where things started happening that you weren’t comfortable with, but you stuck around, mainly because you felt like you didn’t have a way out?”

Probably everyone can think of at least one time where they stuck around out of obligation…even though the situation was strange. Coming up with an excuse to leave, or just telling people that “I don’t want to be here, I’m leaving” is easier when you’re an adult. But when you’re younger, you may need a little extra help. That’s where the X-Plan comes in to save the day.

Immediately after receiving the X, he called his son and told him that there was an emergency at home and that he would pick him up immediately. No questions asked. He would do this even if his son was calling from somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be. The plan builds trust for a child knowing that their parents will always be there when a situation gets out of control.

You never know when something so simple could be the difference between your kid laughing with you at the dinner table or spending six months in a recovery center … or (God forbid) something far worse.”

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