This School Teacher Begs On The Streets After The State Sliced Education Budgets

Teresa Danks, a third-grad public school teacher, is trying her best to get the attention of everyone (especially law makers) to raise a serious issue that is currently crippling the education system in Oklahoma. Danks only makes a salary of $35,000, but what makes the job virtually unsustainable is the money she was expected to spend on her classroom’s school supplies.

Budget cuts to the education system meant that teachers were forced to be responsible for the supplies they needed in their classrooms, and it was coming out of their salaries. One teacher decided to ask for help on the side of the road by holding up a sign that no one expected to see.Instead of asking for food like other pan handlers in the area, she was asking for supplies or cash to buy supplies. In just six minutes, she made $55. It completely shocked her. It was more than double what she would have made by working in her classroom for an entire hour – and in six minutes all of these random strangers driving by cared more about her than the state?

She was grateful and awed by it. It caught the eye of others passing by, and in just a few days, she had gained national coverage.

Her actions put a spotlight on the problems in the state, and she hopes that it will help to fix the huge issues arising from the budget cuts and stop teachers from having to support their own classrooms from their own salaries.

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