This School Made A HUGE Mistake On A VERY Important Day!

At Ontario High School in California, 550 students walked on the platform to graduate and receive their diploma. Wearing bright red robes and golden tassels, the kids were excited to start their lives as adults in the real world…but after they received the diplomas that they had all been waiting for, they began to notice something really embarrassing! 
The students couldn’t get enough of it! They posed countless times with the offending thing, some even holding them upside-down because it was almost funnier that way! The school promised to mail each student a new one, along with an apology letter, but that won’t exactly make up for the outrageous blunder. Really, did no one catch this? The person who sent them out to be made? The manufacturer? The individuals who packaged them? The teachers who stacked them to be given out? Come on.
The students were graded and judged and categorized by a school who would give them THIS as a reward for all of their hard work:Etched in gold lettering on brilliant red leather reads: Ontario High Shcool. Of all the words to terribly misspell, “school” was probably the worst one to mess up. The kids had a field day, and the parents were exasperated. These were the people in charge of teaching their children, but this is how they go about it?

Well, these kids learned something that it takes many people years to discover: we’re all human, and adults are just kids who got old. There’s really not much of a difference, sometimes!

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