This School In Nigeria FLOATS On The Water! It’s Changing The Future Of The Children Living In This Slum.

Makoko is a slum built in the lagos Lagoon. It comprises of homes built on stilts and has no roads. The people get from place to place using boats, large jugs, or floating platforms. 5.10a14For almost 100 years, the slum has been home to 100,000 people who have adapted to this strange life on the water. By fishing and sawing, they have built lives together. But a few years ago, the government was very close to demanding its evacuation.5.10a17

Due to the flooding of the community’s only school, the government could not idly sit by while the children grew up without an education.5.10a13

That is when an architect named Kunle Adeyemi and a skilled team designed and built an incredible structure that is changing lives daily. They worked together with the community to build a floating school, and the government reconsidered their plans for eviction.5.10a15

They factored in cost, durability, and function in their designs, and the result is almost unbelievable.

The school has an area for the kids to play, several classrooms, composting toilets, and even collects rainwater. The locals can also use the structure when the students are not using it for studies as a clinic or entertainment center.5.10a16

The floating school is a beacon of hope for the entire country. It uses renewable energy, recycles organic waste, and collects rainwater! The government, seeing the success of the school, granted funding for the state to install solar power to provide lighting to the community.

It has inspired many to continue working to help the poor, and it has motivated the government to incorporate the school to help regenerate the entire Makoko Waterfront community.

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