This School Held A SECOND Graduation For A Student Who Missed It While In A Coma!

Scott Dunn was in a medically induced coma. When he finally woke from it, he was crushed to realize that he had missed his high school graduation. On May 22, Dunn was in a serious car accident and was put into a medically induced coma to try and save his life. His graduation happened on May 25, but he wasn’t able to attend. It was an entire week after the graduation that he woke up and found out.

His classmates were excited about his recovery and worked together to do something incredible. They got the school’s principal involved and over half of his graduating class decided to participate. They put on their caps and gowns, and recreated the original commencement ceremony just for him. 6.20a8

Dunn got to walk across the stage and receive his diploma from the principal, and everyone cheered. After the ceremony, the students gathered around him and tossed their caps in the air along with him! It isn’t everyday that you get to graduate twice, after all!

He was speechless at the show of support from his classmates. They were just glad that he was alive. What was another afternoon gathered together and celebrating their education? The kids spent years together, through ups and downs. Being able to support one of their own after fearing that they might lose him – right at the end – was a shock for everyone.

He’s alive, graduated, and ready to take on the rest of his life with newfound hope and excitement!

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