This School Bus Was Driving On A Rainy Day. This Cop Snapped A Picture To Share With Everyone.

It was raining heavily in Illinois early one weekday morning, but the way this bus was being driven caught the eye of one Illinois State Police Officer, and she decided to follow the bus for a while. For over 7 miles, she watched the bus drive between 43 and 45 miles per hour in 55 mile-per-hour speed zones. She watched the bus flip on hazard lights and keep them on in order to be more visible to other drivers on the rainy, overcast day. The bus made complete stops and slowed down over sections of road that would have otherwise jostled the children.

When the officer pulled up next to the bus near the end of its route, the driver had no idea that she had been followed the entire time. She was so focused on getting the children to school safely, she wasn’t paying attention to the SUV behind her. She admitted that earlier, she had called 911 after a car nearly struck her bus before crashing into a ditch, and she wanted to make sure to avoid any other near-accidents due to the weather.The officer was a mother herself, with three small children that also ride buses. Seeing how careful this driver was being struck a cord, and she had to take a picture and share it with everyone.

I would gladly have you drive my children to and from school each day. Well done Mrs. Bus Driver, well done.

Sincerely impressed,
Mama Bear”

Hopefully, other bus drivers take a page from her book. Safety should be their number one priority, and seeing this story inspired a lot of parents – and other bus drivers!

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