This Rustic Ornament Is just The Thing Your Tree Needs!

It all started with the discovery of Glitter Mod Podge! You can use non-glittery product as a substitute…but, look! Glitter!

The process is simple, and if you’ve made projects with yarn before, you’ll be a pro before you even begin! First, you blow up a small balloon.

Next, you cover that balloon with cling wrap! Many crafters have since discovered that the balloon causes the twine and yarn to create strange patterns in the mod podge once it has dried and been popped, so wrap it all up before you start!

Then all that’s left to do is wrap your twine around the balloon, cover it all with glittery glue…and wait for it to dry! She diluted her glue by 1/3 with water and found that the twine retained a natural look instead of dousing the twine completely.12-1z5Once you pop the balloon and remove the cling wrap, you’ll be left with a rustic little ornament worthy of your tree! If you happen to be using a fake tree this year, it helps everything look more “natural,” and the glitter adds a bit of sparkle without being overbearing!12-1z4Do you like this project, or is it not your style? Some decorators slide these twine decorations right over their LED lights (regular lights get too hot!) and some make large twine balls big enough to be tree toppers! Once you master the method of creating these little ornaments, you can use them for decorations all year long. See more details on this project here!


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