This Robot Lawyer Can Get Rid Of Bogus Parking Tickets. #DoNotPay, An AI Created By A 19-Year-Old.

You’ve been there before. Coming to your car and realizing that you’ve gotten a parking ticket, or not understanding the road signs and getting a speeding ticket, or a moving violation, or having a flight delayed…there are dozens of reasons why you would need to hire a lawyer to fight these penalties. But the sad truth is that the people who are most often issued these tickets are the people who are most often unable to pay them.

Making minimum wage or barely making ends meet, they don’t have the resources to pay a lawyer, the time to take off of work to fight the tickets, or look into how to do it themselves. And that is where this robot lawyer comes into play.

Created by Joshua Browder, the AI has taken on 250,000 cases, and won 160,000 of them. It’s free, and the only thing people need to do is sign up. When they receive an unfair parking ticket, they answer questions about the incident, which creates a customized letter that they can simply take to the courthouse, getting the tickets overturned.6.30a9

The robot lawyer has already saved the public over $4 million dollars since its initial release, and people are excited. There is finally a way to fight back, and its creation is highlighting a serious problem with the way these tickets are issued. On top of taxes, cities are depending on the expected income of parking tickets and other fines that might not be totally fair. There is finally a way to fight back!

With DoNotPay, people are able to save their money and spend it on things they really need, like food or rent. At the moment, it is only available in London and NewYor, but it soon has plans to expand anywhere that it is needed.

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