This Ring Was LOST In The Desert. Incredibly, It Was Found Against All Odds!

Elizabeth Docherty was with her husband on their “babymoon” while vacationing in the Simpson Desert before her baby would be born. They wanted to take photographs and document this moment in their lives, but due to her pregnancy causing random swelling in her hands and fingers, at one point, she had to take off her custom wedding ring.

She and her husband took a picture at the bottom of a sand dune and then climbed to the top of one. When they went to take another picture, the ring was gone. There was no way they would find it again…or so she thought!

Several months later, this picture was posted by a local news station asking if anyone knew of the owner. It was a custom ring with a message engraved on the inside.One of Docherty’s relatives saw the photo and recognized the ring! She immediately contacted their Facebook page and sent this picture as proof – along with the secret inscription on the inside – and reclaimed her ring!The odds of someone not only finding this ring, but finding it in a desert among sand dunes? That’s just incredible. The ring now has even more of a story, and if it ever gets passed down through the generations, it will only be that much more special!

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