This Restaurant Worked With The Family Of A Deployed Soldier…And Took ALL Of The Extra Steps!

Courtney Adams knew that her husband would be coming home from Germany and wanted to make his homecoming special for the entire family. The reason? It also happened to be her father’s birthday!

She called up their favorite restaurant – Texas Roadhouse – and explained to the staff that her husband was a soldier coming home and that it just so happened to coincide with her father’s birthday! The restaurant usually doesn’t take reservations since they get so very busy…but in her case, they made an exception!

The plan was simple: they would wait for her father to arrive at the restaurant and be seated, and they would walk in with her husband as a huge surprise! 

The manager closed all of the windows to prevent her father from seeing them in the parking lot and even took pictures for the family! They ordered a cake especially for her husband and covered the family’s bill on top of it all!  The gave them the “Welcome Home” discount!

My heart is so full thanks to the managers and staff of Texas Roadhouse!!! This was the best night ever!” Courtney wrote.

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