This Restaurant Sits On A ROCK In The Middle Of The Ocean! Would YOU Eat Here?

Tucked away in the Indian Ocean, a restaurant accurately named The Rock sits on a large rock with a killer view. The exclusive restaurant has quickly become an icon of Zanzibar, and people are really excited!
9-19a1Originally, the rock was used as a fisherman’s post. It rests comfortably just in front of Michanvi Pingwe beach on the south-east coast of the island. They decided to construct the restaurant in the local style, structured and decorated with simple posts and walls, and a thatched roof to keep out the elements. From anywhere in the restaurant, diners have an incredible view while they enjoy their meals.

9-19a3It may seem small on the outside, but the restaurant boasts 12 tables, each with a breathtaking view of the ocean. The restaurant specializes in freshly caught seafood and is quickly becoming a favorite among tourists and locals alike. Dining under the African sky takes on a new perspective on this lonely rock.9-19a4Founded in 2010, The Rock was destined to be a success as one of the founders has previously worked on the Kichanga Lodge and Dongwe Ocean view. The Rock can be reached by boat during high-tide and by foot during low-tide, but regardless of either, The Rock is tall enough to stay nice and dry while diners enjoy their meals.


Depending on the time of day, the restaurant feels like an island on its own, far away from everyone else. The peaceful and gorgeous experience is going viral as more and more people are praising the unique and beautiful eatery on the edge of the beach!


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