This Restaurant Is Taking A Stand…And They Want MORE Employers To Stand With Them!

As much as we would like to think that our society is evolved and civilized, far too much discrimination happens on a daily basis for that to be 100% true. A civilized society would take advantage of the skills provided by each member of the community…and they would recognize the value that each person “brings to the table.” Sadly, there are still people out there who take it upon themselves to say some pretty hurtful things without stopping to think about whether or not they should. Like these owners have stated, “Every single customer…is entitled to their opinion. But when their ‘feedback’ is down right rude, upsetting and discriminative, we have to take a stand!”


What is wrong with him? Why would you give him a job?”


As soon as the restaurant posted this message, a few people wanted to point out that the customers had a right to their opinion, and they should be able to voice their complaints about the food or the service.

The owners shut them down immediately (and with beautiful flair) because putting someone down is not feedback. “My food was cold” is completely acceptable. “That guy you hired has a disability and I don’t like it” is just backwards thinking and should definitely be kept to themselves. 

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