This Rescue Dog Is Making A HUGE Difference In The Lives Of Veterans Across The State Of Missouri!

Bandit is a 4-year-old Great Dane that has been touching and changing the lives of veterans and their families ever since his rescue. After he was saved from a life of being a stray, his carers realized that he would make an incredible therapy dog. His gentle countenance and peaceful demeanor instantly allowed other people to relax around him. He could take their minds off of their worries just by being near his cuddly soul, and his fame quickly grew among other veterans.

He’s just one of those dogs. When you’re feeling down and sad about what you’re going through, he’s going to uplift you just because of who he is. Anybody who doesn’t like dogs is lying, especially soldiers,” Army Veteran Cory Davis said. He was medevaced out of Afghanistan, and knows what its like to be injured in combat and to try and get used to “normal” life again. 7.25a16Bandit visits roughly 10,000 military personnel each year, and many of them claim that being around Bandit has changed their lives for the better. Volunteers have estimated that Bandit has actually seen over 100,000 veterans and military members in only one year. This remarkable therapy dog is making headlines as more and more people are touched by his sweet face and soulful eyes.

Surviving a traumatic experience seems impossible at times, but if Bandit can make a difference, he is happy to do it, even if it is just the smallest difference. Every little bit counts, and Bandit is up to the challenge…one heart at a time.

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