This Rescue Dog Became A Mom To 100 Kittens After Her Best Friend Passed Away

When a rescue dog named Zuca realized that her best friend had passed away, she was heartbroken.

Zuca had been found as a stray, pregnant and homeless. After she gave birth to her puppies, her foster mom knew that she just had that mothering way about her…and gave her a few kittens to keep company. Five months later, her puppies had found new forever homes, but she hadn’t found anyone to call her own. Time passed, and one day, Zuca was spotted online by a woman who just knew they were meant to be!

Zuca made friends with the woman’s cats, and one cat in particular named Stout had become her best friend. They were always cuddling, but all too soon, Stout passed away. Zuca was once again heartbroken…until the woman brought home a foster kitten! It was love at first sight!Zuca had never lost her mothering instincts, and the kittens were always grateful for a large, cuddly mom to snuggle up to while they grew old enough to be adopted.

So far, Zuca has mothered over 100 kittens and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon! She knows what each kitten needs, whether they are social, shy, or hungry, she just has a knack for being a mom!Hopefully, Zuca can bring more joy to hundreds of kittens in the new year!

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