This Record-Breaking Largemouth Bass Was Caught Thanks To Its Love Of Chicken Nuggets

Matthew and his girlfriend had decided to spend a weekend fishing at Lake Bardwell in Texas, but it wasn’t going very well. All day, they hadn’t been able to catch anything. Nothing was biting, but they didn’t want to give up just yet. That’s when she had a silly idea – what if they used a chicken nugget as bait? They had grabbed food from McDonald’s before heading out to the lake and it probably wasn’t going to hurt to try. After all, they hadn’t caught anything anyway.

They hooked the delicious nugget onto the fishing line and waited…surprisingly, something bit! A huge bass decided that it loved chicken nuggets and took the bait!

It turned out to be the largest bass that had been caught in the lake so far on top of it all. Weighing in at over 10 pounds and stretching to just over 2  feet in length, this massive largemouth bass was ultimately captured thanks to a nugget.After they took pictures and documented their catch, they tossed it back into the lake to swim into the sunset. It was a mother and was currently pregnant with a sac of largemouth bass babies!

Matthew thinks they’re on to something! The next time they go fishing, he plans to bring some seasoned french fries from Wendy’s to see if it works a second time!

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