This Rare White Moose Was Photographed In The Wild, But Some People Are MAD About It!

Nature is full of mysteries, and this moose with a pure white coat is no exception! Usually, animals born looking so different don’t live for very long at all, becoming targets for predators or simply having the bad luck of being so visible. While it is beautiful and stunning in an ethereal way, it’s also raising some good points against having its picture taken. (But seriously, this moose could star in a movie.)This picture was taking in Varmland, Sweden, and animal enthusiasts around the globe are a little upset that the picture went so very viral. It is estimated that there are less than 100 white moose that live in the wild. Unlike albino animals, this specific white moose grows a pure white coat due to a genetic mutation…and that makes it highly sought after.

The photographer who was able to capture this moment had been waiting and searching the area for over three years before finally spotting it. The animal, now that a location has been confirmed, may in fact be in danger from people who would want it as a trophy.

The elusiveness of these white moose may be more than enough to keep them protected, however. Hans Nilsson, the photographer, knew where to look and still wasn’t able to easily spot the majestic creature as the years passed.

Some have suggested leaving out the locations of these rare animals, but others hope that more wildlife photographers leave out specific areas when they finally capture footage like this.

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