This Rare Pink Rainbow Is Exactly What You Needed Today

One Monday evening, the people living and working in Bristol saw something that completely stunned them: a pink rainbow! What caused it? Why is it so rare? Most people weren’t too caught up in the details and just described it as “pretty.”

It was caused by two curious happenings occurring at the same time: a rainbow appearing at the exact right angle to reflect a pink sunset. This meant that the water droplets in the air (that normally allow sunlight to pass through the entire spectrum of color) were only reflecting the pinks and purples and violets since the sunlight was coming in so faintly through the atmosphere. There isn’t any official term for such a beautiful phenomenon, but that didn’t stop people from taking picture, appreciating it, or coming up with their own little nicknames for it.

Most people simply grabbed a chilled beverage and sat on their front porches to enjoy the view while it lasted! It could be seen for miles all around and seemed to be the best way to end a long Monday. Who knew what the rest of the week would bring…but for just a few minutes, everything was nice and calm.

We’ve seen double rainbows and even triple rainbows…but it’s been ages since anyone has seen a pink rainbow!

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