This Raccoon Took His “Body Guards” With Him To Ask Nearby Humans For Help

When Eryn first noticed this raccoon, he was extremely nervous. After watching his strange behavior, she realized that he was actually blind and potentially deaf as well. She left food for him to find on the back porch, and ever since then, the raccoon knew that they were kind and visited often for a meal or two.

Over the next five years, the raccoon survived by accepting the food left out for him and being cautious in his movements. He was nervous around high grass, snow, birds, and even the wind. Everything changed for him when he stumbled across two abandoned kittens in the woods.

The kittens recognized his kind soul and befriended him, acting as his body guards and following him…but the kittens needed food. He took them to his human friends and hoped they would leave out more food. Eryn fell in love with the unexpected trio and made sure that the animals ate well whenever they came for a visit.

Almost one year later, the elderly raccoon passed away. As most raccoons don’t have very long lifespans, the fact that this blind and deaf raccoon survived mostly on his own for 5 years was incredible. The kittens, however, were heartbroken.

Eryn kept food out for them and hoped to tame them. They were wild and didn’t trust easily…but over time, they overcame their suspicions and eventually moved in with Eryn, becoming a happy little family.

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