This Puzzle Had People Scratching Their Heads…But One Man Decided To TEST It!

You may have seen this puzzle being shared on Facebook, but while everyone thinks they have the right answer, there can only be one…right? It turns out that a lot of different factors might actually change the answer in a real-life experiment. Did you get this one right?

Here is the original question:

Many argued back and forth, was it J? What about C? Surely, it would have to be G!

According to the original puzzle on paper, the answer should be F…but others weren’t so sure and thought that it might actually be L.

One YouTube channel decided to test it in real time, and the answer actually varied! In one case, it was F.
What the puzzle failed to specify: water pressure. If the water was dripping slowly, tank F almost always filled up first. If the water pressure was a bit higher, F and L might fill up at the same time.

But if the water pressure was high, then tank A was filled immediately, leaving the rest to trail behind!
Did you get the answer on the first try? These puzzles are fun, but realistically, they don’t always make scientific sense. Without all of the specifics, there really is no right answer!

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