This Puzzle Doesn’t Have An End, A Beginning…Or A Middle. It Just Is.

The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle challenges the way we look at puzzles. Most people start a puzzle by assembling the edges and work their way inward. Some start with the brightest colors or work from top to bottom…but this puzzle doesn’t play by the rules. This puzzle has people scratching their heads.
The puzzle uses a photograph of the Milky Way and has 133 identically shaped pieces that can be flipped and turned to attach in any direction at all.

Made with science, math, and lasers.”

The laser-cut plywood pieces can be assembled any which way, with the exception of three set pieces depicting a satellite, an astronaut, and a space shuttle. It allows people to relax their minds and “explore” our own galaxy from the comfort of their home or office. The pieces were made with a simple idea in mind: no matter which way you start to fit the pieces, there will always be another option. The puzzle is quite literally infinite.Although the puzzle is making waves with hundreds of positive feedback, some say that the “infinite” aspect gives them even more anxiety.

They have since sold out, but this specific type of stress relief comes with a heft price tag. At $130 per puzzle, some people just aren’t up for it. For a puzzle that has no beginning and no end, we think its a really cool spin on a classic past time.

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