This Puzzle About Horses And Horseshoes And Boots Is Confusing EVERYONE! The Answer Is Tricky!

Here we go again! A viral post on Facebook is being shared like crazy because of how deceptively simple it is. It was posted with no context and no answer, so people have been debating it back and forth…and predictably, arguing the WRONG answer because they didn’t catch the trick in the equation! We decided to give you a change to solve it on your own before explaining the answer:9-7a8The first three lines are relatively simple to work out. 3 horses equal 30, so obviously, each horse is equal to 10. For the next line, substitute the number 10 for the horse, and you have 2 sets of horseshoes that equal 8, meaning each pair equals 4. Since we know that a pair of horseshoes equals 4, the pair of boots must equal 2.

If it is so simple, why is everyone getting different answers in the last equation? Look closer:



One horse = 10

One horseshoe = 2

One boot = 1

Remember to MULTIPLY before you ADD! The equation becomes:

1 + 10 x 2 = ? Remember that pesky order of operations? 1+ (10 x 2) = 21.

Did you get it at first, or did you miss the transition from pairs of boots and horseshoes to singles? Finally, the answer is clear! Whether its repetitive or an intelligence test, people just LOVE a good puzzle! Would your friends have gotten this one? It’s clever!



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