This Professor Brought An Actual Coffin To Class In Order To Make A Single Point

Teachers, professors, instructors, and tutors all spend a large portion of their days wondering how best to teach others. Whether they are helping people to learn better, learn more, or learn faster, they dedicate much of their lives to the education of others. When they “fail,” they feel it in their souls (according to this professor). One professor wanted to show his students exactly how much they wounded him with their most recent test scores.

After his entire class failed an exam, he didn’t know what to do. Their essays revealed that they didn’t have a grasp on the concepts he’d been teaching. To prove a point, he waited for them in the classroom while lying in an actual coffin.

Yes, an actual coffin. For dead people.Why?

Your tests scores have me dead.”

Several students took his picture, astonished that he had 1.) purchased a coffin and 2.) gotten it into the classroom. His follow through was inspiring. It ended up on Twitter and went viral.

The professor saw it, and the next day someone had printed it out to display in the classroom. His response?

You write better Tweets than essays.”

This professor knows exactly how to engage with his students!

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