“This Probably Won’t Go Viral, But…” Woman Stunned At Public Reaction To Her Post

Kendra S. was walking through the parking lot to run an errand when an unusual sight caught her eye. There were two police officers surrounding a woman’s SUV while she waited nervously beside it. Kendra pulled out her phone to capture that scene, but as she got close, her heart melted.

It was strange to see people standing outside. It was freezing weather, and the rain was drizzling down in that uncomfortable way between a thick mist and a heavy drizzle. The people standing around the car didn’t have umbrellas, but it didn’t stop them from working hard.

These great KPD officers were in the freezing cold rain on their hands and knees changing this lady’s tire,” She wrote.

But there must have been some kind of delay, because a half-hour later, they were still at it. As Kendra was walking back to her car, the officers were on their hands and knees trying to help the woman.

They did it because it was a fellow human in need! This probably won’t go viral, no media outlets showed up to praise them for their kindness but I wanted to share this as a simple thank you for what you do, not only as officers, but as kind people who work very hard for very little!”

She didn’t know the woman, she didn’t know the officers, and she didn’t know why they were changing the tire…but she did know that on a very cold, rainy day, two officers took the time to help a stranger, and that was simply heartwarming.

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