This Principal’s Excuse For Sending A Student Home Has Others BOILING Mad!

Hannah W. decided to draw inspiration from her icon, Zendaya, and picked out an outfit for school. It followed the dress code and, probably the best part of all, it was comfortable. According to the principal, the outfit was “too provocative.” The shirt, pants, and shoes all fell in line with the school’s dress code, but apparently, they forgot to add in “the principal’s opinion” to the student handbook.

Hannah was sent home for the outfit below:Hannah adds that during the explanation of why she was being sent home, her principal used the excuse that she was “dressing this way to get attention from boys.”

Therein lies the problem, and many people were quick to point it out once Hannah’s picture went viral. “Now,” one person wrote, you can’t even follow the dress code without someone trying to tell you that you’re stillĀ wrong.”

But thanks to social media, students are fighting back against the schools that try to enforce sexist rules and stereotypes. Female students want to learn. They want to be comfortable, and being worried that they might get sent home even if they follow the dress code puts additional pressure on female students that just shouldn’t be there. Students hope that their principal will listen after their story went viral, but many who attend Hannah’s school are just proud that she took this picture and shared it.

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